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TeleCheck?Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of First Data, a strong public financial company that has been in business since 1964. TeleCheck?serves more retail and financial institutions, grocery and other industry outlets. Our highly efficient systems and reputation for integrity are the reasons businesses trust us to handle their paper and electronic check services.

Electronic Check Authorization
TeleCheck?Electronic Check Acceptance quickly and efficiently converts paper checks to electronic ACH transactions and reduces the cost of check acceptance. We offer either Electronic Check Acceptance with Verification or Electronic Check Acceptance with Verification and Guarantee. Our Check Guarantee programs offer a generous warranty of up to $100,000 per check. Benefits are:

  • Accept more checks with minimal risk

  • Minimize collections operations

  • Make fewer trips to the bank

  • Detail end of shift / day terminal reporting features

  • Reduce bank fees and processing costs

  • Improve cash flow with with quick electronic deposits

  • Streamline back office operations

  • Reduce the risk of lost, stolen or damaged checks

  • Protect your customer?s personal information

FD200 Point-of-Sale (POS) System
The FD200 is an all-in-one, point-of-sale solution that supports virtually all payment processing options in one space-saving terminal along with low cost of ownership. Going well beyond the acceptance of credit, debit, Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) and gift card transactions, the FD200 terminal also supports TeleCheck?Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA) service, which converts paper checks into electronic transations at the point-of-sale (POS).

  • WiFi capabilities (optional)

  • Intuitive touch screen technology

  • Supports IP (Internet Protocol) or dial-up connection

  • Integrates with TeleCheck?ECA

  • Supports contactless payment technology

  • Optional Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) service

Credit Card Acceptance
Consumer payment preferences are rapidly changing in favor of plastic. If you don?t accept major credit cards, you not only limit your sales opportunities, you limit your ability to offer the new payment options that are continually being presented to consumers. Bottom line, if you don?t accept credit, your customer base will find the merchants that do. First Data has been at the forefront of electronic forms of payment for 30 years with over 4.6 million merchant locations. When it comes to reliable service, First Data is one of the best with industry-leading 99.96% system uptime in 2005.

Back Office Conversion
The TeleCheck?Back Office Conversion (BOC) solutions allow you to accept checks at the point of purchase and convert those items to ACH debits or image exchange items, achieving 100% electronic settlement. Paper checks are first authorized by TeleCheck?at the point of purchase and placed in the register drawer. Checks are later scanned, imaged, securely stored, and ultimately destroyed in the merchant?s back-office or we can do all of the imaging, storage, and destruction for you.The addition of TeleCheck?Warranty services combine authorization, settlement, and collections* into one comprehensive solution adding ?peace of mind?to check acceptance.

Paper Check Acceptance
This service allows merchants to process paper checks at the point-of-sale using TeleCheck?s proprietary risk management tools to minimize returned checks while offering consumers their payment method of choice. Physical paper checks are later deposited into your existing checking account.

Hold Check Warranty 
The Automotive Hold Check Warranty is for new car dealers that need protection against NSF checks and lost commissions. This program will allow dealers to warranty up to four (4) deposit hold checks for as long as 30 days. Warranty requests must reach TeleCheck?within 45 days from the date on the checks.

Internet Electronic Check Processing
Most small businesses and nearly half of online consumers prefer check-based payments. The TeleCheck?Internet Acceptance service provides a secure and easy way to accept check payments over the Internet. This check acceptance solution can improve operational efficiencies and can provide stronger fraud protection, quick funding and low-cost integration.

Telephone Electronic Check Processing
Millions of transactions are conducted over the phone annually and merchants need a fast and effective payment method to offer customers. In the ?order by phone then mail a check?scenario, nearly half the check payments are never mailed due to buyer?s remorse or lack of desire after the phone order has been placed. The TeleCheck?Telephone Acceptance service provides a secure and easy way to accept check payments over the phone.

Mail Order/Lockbox Processing
If your customers make payments by mail or at physical locations, you can have the speed and efficiency of electronic checks through the TeleCheck?LockBox Payment service. This service will enable you to handle mail and drop box payments faster and more efficiently with electronic processing.

Payroll Check Cashing
Almost 200 million checks were processed by small businesses last year. The estimated face value of these checks was approximately 80 billion dollars. Merchants all over the country realize the significant amount of revenue that can be derived from cashing checks. With the right location, clientele and employees small business owners can profit tremendously. But perhaps equally important to those factors is utilizing the right check cashing data. TeleCheck?provides highly efficient protection against payroll check fraud by monitoring customers' prior check writing and check-cashing activity.

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