Check Validation

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Get instant "bank validation" of check
24 hours a day - 7 days a week

Find out if checking account is:
Valid - Open - Has Funds in Account

Why use our Check-It Direct service?

Every night, U.S. banking institutions contribute data about businesses and customers that write checks and process this data to ensure that it is as accurate as possible. The
national database together with the national banking information reports the following:

  • Is checking account is valid or invalid?

  • Is checking account open or closed?

  • Does checking account have a positive balance?

How does Check-It Direct service work?
When accepting a check, merchants use a check reader connected to you PC to research the check information and within a couple of seconds get a detailed response of ?accept?, "warning" or ?decline? with specific reason for each research. Check-It Direct service requires online connection to access bank database information.

What codes would I expect see when using Check-It Direct service?

Accept 1111 Account Verified. Valid account, open, positive balance. 
Accept 2222 Valid account, open, positive balance
Accept 3333 Valid account, open, positive balance. No negative data.

Warning 0000 Can't confirm account. No negative data.

Decline GB01 Bank Routing Number Invalid.
Decline GB02 Bank Account Invalid
Decline GB03 Check Number format not valid
Decline GS01 Negative information was found.
Decline GS02 Checks on this account may be stolen or forged.
Decline GS03 Bank reported this account is closed.
Decline GS04 This is a prepaid debit account only. 

Decline GW01 Frozen account or Account closed.
Decline GW02 Frozen account or Account closed or pending closure
Decline GW03 Negative Status - overdrawn.
Decline GW04 Negative Status from a non-listed or non-reporting bank
Decline GW05 Reported fraud, forged or stolen checks
Decline GW06 Can't confirm, status unknown.

Decline GN01 Can't confirm account, Negative data reported
Decline GN03 Check owner stop pay on all checks
Decline GN04 Check owner stop pay on all checks
Decline GN05 Bank has stopped account. Probably closed. 

Who else uses the same bank information as Check-It Direct to research bank data information?

  • Wal-Mart

  • Safeway Grocery

  • 711 Convenience Stores

  • Albertson Supermarket

  • Advance America Check Cashing

  • Piggly Wiggly Supermarket

  • Harris Teeter Grocery

How do I get more information on Check-It Direct services?
For more information please contact us to discuss your business needs. We will then email or fax you the necessary agreements for you to review. You can contact us via telephone Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm EST at 1-888-857-9154 or by sending us an online request to contact you.

Who we are
American Credit House, Inc., in existence since 1996, specialize in establishing affordable check services for retail and money services businesses (MSBs). We can also establish for your business electronic payment systems such as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Check 21, ACH Debits and ACH Credits, Checks by Telephone, Checks via the Internet, Check Guarantee, Check Verification, Check Conversion and Check Truncation for US Domestic Business, Canadian Business or International Business.

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